AgencyHandy Hosting with Namechip

AgencyHandy offers the feature to set up hosting with Namechip, allowing users to host their AgencyHandy platform using Namechip's services. This integration provides users with a seamless and efficient way to manage their hosting needs directly within the AgencyHandy platform.


Setting up AgencyHandy hosting with Namechip streamlines the hosting process for AgencyHandy users. By integrating with Namechip, users can easily manage their hosting services without needing external platforms or complicated setups.


  • An active AgencyHandy account.

  • An active Namechip account with domain registration and hosting services.

Steps to Set Up AgencyHandy Hosting with Namechip:

  • Access Hosting Settings: Log in to your AgencyHandy account and navigate the hosting settings section. This may be located within the platform settings or account settings menu.

  • Select Namechip Integration: Within the hosting settings, locate the option to integrate with Namechip. Click on the Namechip integration option to proceed.

  • Authorize Namechip Access: You may be prompted to authorize access to your Namechip account. Follow the on-screen instructions to authorize the integration between AgencyHandy and Namechip.

  • Link Accounts: Once authorized, link your AgencyHandy account with your Namechip hosting account. This step may involve providing your Namechip account credentials or API key.

  • Configure Hosting Settings: After linking your accounts, configure your hosting settings as needed. This may include selecting a hosting plan, specifying domain settings, configuring security options, and setting up additional features Namechip offers.

  • Review and Confirm: Review the configured hosting settings to ensure everything is set up correctly. Make any necessary adjustments if needed.

  • Save Changes: Once satisfied with the hosting setup, save your changes to apply the Namechip integration to your AgencyHandy account.

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