Testing Webhook Event

Testing webhook verification ensures that the webhook setup is correctly configured and that the external system can receive and process the webhook events as expected. This step helps to identify and resolve any issues before going live.


  • Validation: Confirm that the webhook configuration is correct.

  • Debugging: Identify and fix any issues with the webhook setup.

  • Reliability: Ensure that the external system reliably receives and processes webhook events.


  • Webhook Setup: Ensure the webhook is created and configured with the necessary endpoint URL, authentication, and events.

  • External System Preparedness: Ensure the external system is ready to receive and process the webhook events.

Steps to Use

To Test Webhook Verification Event

  1. Log in to Your Account

    • Access your Agency Handy account using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to Webhook Settings

    • From the Dashboard, Select “Integrations” => " Webhooks Management "

  3. Select the Webhook to Test

    • Choose the webhook you want to test from the list of configured webhooks.

  4. Access the Test Event Feature

    • Click on the “Test Event” button to initiate a test for the selected webhook.

  5. Select a Test Event

    • Choose a sample event from the list of configured webhook events (e.g., Service Creation, Order Update).

  6. Send Test Payload

    • Click the “Send” button to send a test payload to the specified endpoint URL.

  7. Monitor the External System

    • Check the external system to verify that the test payload has been received and processed correctly.

    • Look for any error messages or issues reported by the external system.

  8. Verify the Test Results

    • Ensure that the data sent in the test payload matches the expected format and content.

    • Confirm that the external system performs the expected actions upon receiving the webhook event.

Important Notes

  • Log and Monitor: Use logging and monitoring tools to track the webhook activity and identify any issues during testing.

  • Error Handling: Ensure proper error handling mechanisms are in place to address any failures in webhook transmission or processing.

  • Documentation: For future reference, record test results, including any issues encountered and their resolutions.

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