1. Introduction of AgencyHandy

What is AgencyHandy?

Agency Handy is a comprehensive client portal management solution designed specifically for agencies. It offers a unified platform where agencies can efficiently handle various operations. With Agency Handy, agencies can seamlessly manage their Client Relationship Management (CRM), create and send Proposals and Contracts, generate Invoices, facilitate smooth client Onboarding, engage in real-time Chat communication, organize and monitor Tasks, keep track of essential Notes, and efficiently handle Files Management. Here's why Agency Handy is a game-changer:

For Agencies:

  • All-in-One Management: Agency Handy consolidates client, project, and task management into a single platform, streamlining operations and boosting efficiency.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Agencies often rely on multiple apps for various tasks, incurring substantial costs. Agency Handy eliminates this expense by offering a holistic solution.

  • Simplicity: Managing multiple apps can be chaotic. Agency Handy simplifies the process, reducing the hassle of navigating various tools.

For Clients:

  • Transparency: Clients gain access to a similar login portal, ensuring transparency. They can monitor project progress, review tasks, and provide valuable feedback.

In a landscape where agencies strive for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, Agency Handy emerges as the ultimate solution, unifying agency operations while enhancing client engagement and transparency.

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