3.5 Teams

AgencyHandy has a helpful feature called "Teams," which helps manage and collaborate with teams within the agency. This feature is specifically designed to simplify the process of adding new members to the platform. It ensures a secure, organized, and efficient method of quickly expanding the team and bringing new members on board.

This feature promotes a collaborative working environment while maintaining high security and control over the agency's projects and data.

Here’s how it operates:

  1. Member Invitation: Users can easily expand their team by inviting new members. They initiate this by filling out an inviting form on the platform.

  2. Email ID and Role Specification: In the invitation form, the user is required to enter the email ID of the person being invited and specify his/her role within the agency. This information helps establish the level of access and permissions the new member will have on the platform.

  3. Email Notification: Upon successfully submitting the invitation form, the invited team member receives an email notification. This email contains a secure login URL for the AgencyHandy platform.

  4. Secure Onboarding: The invited team member can use the secure login URL to access the platform, complete the onboarding process, and collaborate on projects

  5. Role & Permission Setting: Once a member is added, users can set or adjust roles and permissions for team members to ensure the right level of access is granted.

  6. Member Removal: Users also have the flexibility to remove team members from the platform whenever necessary, ensuring optimal team management.

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