Subscription Filter, Search, and Sorting

The "Subscription Filter, Search, and Sorting" feature allows users to efficiently manage and navigate through subscriptions by providing tools to search, filter, and sort subscription data.


  • Efficiency: Quickly find specific subscriptions using search, filter, and sorting functionalities.

  • Organization: Helps keep subscription data well-organized and easily accessible.

  • Improved Management: Facilitates better tracking and management of subscription details.


  • Active Subscriptions: Ensure that there are active subscriptions in the system.

Steps to Use

Search Subscriptions

  1. Access Subscription Management

    • Log in to your Agency Handy account.

    • Navigate to the "Subscription Management" section from the sidebar.

  2. Search by ID or Client Name

    • Search Bar: Locate the search bar at the top of the subscription management page.

    • Enter Search Query: Type the subscription ID or client name you are searching for.

    • Results Displayed: The search results will display matching subscriptions based on the entered query.

Filter Subscriptions

  1. Access Filter Options

    • In the "Subscription Management" section, locate the filter options at the top or side of the page.

  2. Select Filter Criteria

    • Client: Filter subscriptions by client name.

    • Service: Filter subscriptions by the service name.

    • Status: Filter by subscription status (e.g., active, inactive).

    • Last Payment: Filter by the date of the last payment.

    • Next Payment: Filter by the date of the next scheduled payment.

  3. Apply Filters

    • Select the desired filter criteria.

    • Click "Apply" or a similar button to filter the subscription list based on the selected criteria.

Sort Subscriptions

  1. Access Sorting Options

    • Locate the sorting options in the "Subscription Management" section. They are usually represented by dropdown menus or buttons at the top of the subscription list.

  2. Select Sorting Order

    • A-Z: Sort subscriptions in alphabetical order.

    • Z-A: Sort subscriptions in reverse alphabetical order.

    • Created At: Sort subscriptions by their creation date, either in ascending or descending order.

  3. Apply Sorting

    • Choose the desired sorting order.

    • The subscription list will be rearranged according to the selected sorting criteria.

Important Notes

  • Combining Filters and Sorting: You can combine filters and sorting to narrow your search and organize the results effectively.

  • Updating Filters and Sorting: To adjust the view of the subscription list, filters and sorting options can be updated at any time.

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