3.3 Orders

In AgencyHandy, an all-in-one customizable client portal software primarily designed for agencies in digital marketing, SEO, and content creation, the term "Order" is crucial. "Order" refers to clients' requests for services or products through order forms and the tools provided to manage and fulfill these orders effectively. It's a fundamental feature agencies use to streamline client interactions and project workflows.

It offers the following functionalities:

  1. Create Orders for Clients: Users can initiate new orders on behalf of clients, specifying details like the service requested, quantity, budget, and other relevant project information.

  2. Accept and Reject Orders: AgencyHandy allows users to accept or reject orders submitted by clients. When rejecting an order, users can provide reasons for the rejection, facilitating clear communication.

  3. View Order Details: Users can access comprehensive order information, including the order ID, client name, service name, and current status. This provides a quick overview of ongoing projects.

  4. Sort, Filter, and Search: The system allows for sorting and filtering orders based on various criteria, such as order ID, status, or client name. Users can also search for specific orders efficiently.

  5. Detailed Order Information: Users can delve into each order to access detailed information such as progress tracking, completed tasks, order name, service name, assigned team members, project manager, kick-off date, due date, quantity, budget, order brief, notes, and attachments.

  6. Add Tasks: Within each order, users can create and manage tasks associated with the project. This helps in task assignment, tracking, and completion.

  7. Create Discussion: The "Orders" feature includes a discussion section where team members and clients can communicate regarding the project. This fosters collaboration and ensures all stakeholders are on the same page.

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