Subscription Management

This feature in Agency Handy allows agencies to efficiently manage recurring pricing plans for their services efficiently, ensuring seamless billing cycles and payment processing.


  • Efficiency: Automates the billing and invoicing process for recurring services.

  • Flexibility: Supports various billing cycles (days, weeks, months, years).

  • Control: Provides comprehensive management of subscriptions from a centralized dashboard.


  • Active Subscription Plans: Ensure that subscription plans are set up and activated within the service settings.

  • Payment Gateway Configuration: Set up a payment gateway (e.g., Stripe) to handle recurring payments and securely store payment details.

Subscription Management Overview

  1. Access Subscription Management

    • Log in to your Agency Handy account.

    • Navigate to the "Subscription Management" section from the sidebar.

  2. View Active Subscriptions

    • The dashboard displays a list of currently active orders with recurring payments.

    • Fields displayed include:

      • Subscription ID

      • Client Name

      • Number of Orders

      • Service Name

      • Last Payment Date

      • Last Invoice Update Date

      • Next Payment Date

      • Total Number of Payments

      • Subscription Fee

      • Total Amount Paid

      • Status (Active/Inactive)

  3. Manage Subscriptions

    • Select a subscription to view detailed information.

    • Options available:

      • Cancel Subscription: Select the checkbox to cancel the next billing cycle and stop the flow for recurring payments and orders.

From here, you can

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