3.9 Files

Files in AgencyHandy provide a centralized and organized repository for storing, managing, and sharing documents, images, and other digital assets essential for your agency's projects and operations. This feature offers robust tools and functionalities to streamline file management tasks, ensuring easy access, collaboration, and security for all your agency's files.

Key Benefits:

  • Centralized Storage: AgencyHandy's Files feature is a single, centralized location for storing all your agency's files, eliminating the need for scattered storage across multiple platforms or devices.

  • Efficient Organization: With customizable folders and tags, Files in AgencyHandy enable efficient organization and categorization of files, making it easy to locate specific documents and assets when needed.

  • Collaborative Workspace: Files support seamless collaboration among team members by allowing file sharing and real-time document collaboration, fostering teamwork and productivity.

  • Version Control: AgencyHandy includes file version control functionality, ensuring users can easily track changes, revert to previous versions if necessary, and maintain a clear audit trail of file revisions.

  • Security and Permissions: Files in AgencyHandy come with robust security features, including access controls and permissions management, to safeguard sensitive information and control who can view, edit, or delete files.

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