Set Role & Permission for Team Members

Setting roles and permissions for team members is crucial for maintaining security, managing access to sensitive data, and ensuring that team members can only perform tasks relevant to their role within the agency. This feature helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures team members collaborate efficiently without compromising data integrity.

Pre-conditions to use the Feature:

  • Users must have an account in AgencyHandy.

  • Users must be a part of an agency.

  • Users must be Super Admins/Admins/PMs to set roles & permissions for team members.

Steps to Use:

  • Log in to AgencyHandy: Access your AgencyHandy account using your credentials.

  • Navigate to Team Management: Locate the "Team" section in the dashboard menu.

  • Select Team Member: Choose the specific team member for whom you want to set roles and permissions from the list of team members.

  • Set Role: Assign a specific role to the team member based on their responsibilities within the agency (e.g., Administrator, Manager, Contributor).

  • Define Permissions: Define the permissions associated with the assigned role, such as access to specific features, data, or functionalities within AgencyHandy.

  • Save Changes: Once the roles and permissions are set, save the changes and apply them to the team member's account.

  • Confirmation: The team member will now access the features and functionalities according to the assigned role and permissions.

AgencyHandy has five default Roles with preset permission levels for functionality access. You can assign roles to team members in two ways.

  • Set a Role while inviting them to add to your agency.

  • Change the Role of the added team member.

To Set a Role for a Team Member while inviting

Steps to Use:

  • Go to the Teams tab from the left column.

  • Click the + Create Team button. A form will appear.

  • Provide the Email ID of the person you want to add.

  • State the Role.

To Change a Role for an Added Team Member

Steps to Use:

  • Go to the Teams tab from the left column. You will enter the Team Dashboard.

  • Here, you will see the list of added team members. To change a person's role, click the down arrow button at the right corner to their name.

  • You will see the list of the default roles' names. Select the new role. The role of that person will be changed.

Important Notes:

  • Only the Super admin and admin can change roles.

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