2.5.2 Set Up Appearance

The Appearance settings in AgencyHandy allow agencies to customize the visual elements of their platform, ensuring a personalized and branded user interface. Users can configure primary color, sidebar color, sidebar text color, and sidebar hover background color to create a cohesive visual theme.


Customizing the appearance of the platform is essential for the following reasons:

  • Brand Consistency: Setting primary colors and sidebar colors ensures brand consistency throughout the platform, reinforcing brand identity and recognition.

  • Enhanced User Experience: A visually appealing interface enhances user experience by providing a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment for navigation and interaction.

  • Visual Hierarchy: Configuring colors for buttons, links, sidebar, and text helps establish a visual hierarchy, guiding users' attention to important elements and improving overall usability.

Pre-condition to Use the Feature:

  • Users must have administrative access or appropriate permissions to access and modify workspace settings.

Steps to Use:

  • Access Appearance Settings: Navigate to the workspace settings section within AgencyHandy. Locate and click on the Appearance or Visual Settings option.

  • Set Primary Color: Choose the primary color that represents your brand. This color will be applied to buttons and links for a consistent visual theme.

  • Configure Sidebar Color: Select the desired color for the sidebar background. This color will be applied to the background of the sidebar.

  • Adjust Sidebar Text Color: Choose the appropriate text color for the sidebar. This color will apply to the sidebar text for improved readability.

  • Define Sidebar Hover Background Color: Specify the background color when hovering over sidebar elements. This enhances interactivity and visual feedback for users.

  • Preview and Save Changes: Review the configured appearance settings to ensure they align with your branding guidelines. Click on the "Save Changes" button to apply the settings to your workspace.

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