3.8.1 Integrating Stipe

The "Stripe Integration" feature in AgencyHandy enables users to connect their Stripe accounts with AgencyHandy seamlessly. This integration allows users to accept online payments securely and efficiently, streamline invoicing processes, and manage financial transactions within the AgencyHandy platform.

Integrating Stripe with AgencyHandy offers several benefits, including:

Secure Online Payments: Stripe provides a secure and reliable payment processing platform, ensuring users can accept online client payments safely.

Streamlined Invoicing: By integrating with Stripe, users can streamline invoicing by generating and sending invoices directly from AgencyHandy and accepting payments online through Stripe.

Automated Financial Management: The integration automates financial transactions, including payment reconciliation and reporting, saving time and reducing manual effort.

Enhanced Client Experience: Offering online payment options through Stripe enhances the client experience by providing a convenient and secure method for making payments.

Pre-condition to Use the Feature:

Before integrating Stripe with AgencyHandy, users must meet the following pre-conditions:

  • Users must have an active account on AgencyHandy and be logged in to access integration settings.

  • Users must have an active Stripe account with valid credentials and permissions to integrate with third-party applications.

  • Users should have permission to access and configure integration settings within their AgencyHandy account.

Steps to Use:

  • Access Integration Settings: Navigate to the settings or preferences section in AgencyHandy.

  • Select Stripe Integration: Look for an option related to payment integrations or third-party services, then select "Stripe."

  • Authorize Stripe Integration: Follow the prompts to authorize the integration between AgencyHandy and Stripe. This may involve logging in to your Stripe account and granting permissions.

  • Configure Integration Settings: Depending on the integration, you may need to configure specific settings or parameters, such as currency, payment methods, or billing details.

  • Confirm Integration: Once successfully authorized and configured, confirm the integration settings to activate the connection between AgencyHandy and Stripe.

  • Test Integration: Verify that the integration works correctly by processing a test payment or transaction through AgencyHandy using Stripe.

  • Manage Integration: Depending on the integration, you may have options to manage further or customize integration settings, such as adjusting payment processing preferences or reviewing transaction history.

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