2.7 Setting Multiple Workspace

AgencyHandy allows users to set up multiple workspaces, enabling the management of several agencies from a single account. Each workspace functions independently, acting as an individual agency with its own settings and configurations.


The ability to create multiple workspaces provides flexibility for users managing more than one agency. It allows for the segregation of data, customization per agency, and efficient management of multiple businesses without needing separate accounts.


  • User Permissions: Ensure you have administrative permissions to create new workspaces.

  • Subscription Plan: Confirm that your Agency Handy subscription plan supports multiple workspaces.

  • User Access: Identify the team members or users who will have access to the new workspace.


  • Enhanced Organization: Manage multiple agencies or departments separately.

  • Individualized Settings: Customize each workspace to meet specific needs.

  • Improved Focus: Reduce clutter and maintain clear boundaries between different agencies.

  • Efficient Management: Switch between workspaces seamlessly without logging into different accounts.

You can do the following things from here,

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