2.7.1 Create a new Workspace in AgencyHandy

AgencyHandy allows users to create multiple workspaces, enabling the management of several agencies from a single account. Each workspace functions as an independent entity, acting as an individual agency with its own settings and configurations.


Creating multiple workspaces allows users to efficiently manage multiple agencies, ensuring data segregation and customization per agency without needing separate accounts.


Users must have administrative access or the necessary permissions to create and manage workspaces in AgencyHandy.

Steps to Set Up Multiple Workspaces in AgencyHandy:

  1. Log in to AgencyHandy:

    • Ensure you have the necessary permissions to create and manage workspaces.

  2. Access Workspace Creation:

    • On the dashboard, locate the “+” button at the top left corner of the interface.

  3. Create a New Workspace:

    • Click the “+” button to initiate the workspace creation process.

    • Enter a unique name for the new workspace in the provided field.

  4. Configure the New Workspace:

    • Once the new workspace is created, it will function similarly to your existing workspace.

    • Set up the new workspace by configuring its settings, adding services, and customizing it to fit the new agency’s needs.

  5. Switch Between Workspaces:

    • To switch between workspaces, use the workspace selection menu, typically at the interface's top left corner.

    • Click on the desired workspace name to switch to it and manage its specific settings and tasks.

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