3.1.3 Delete a Service

Users may need to delete a service listing if they no longer offer it or want to streamline their offerings. Deleting outdated or irrelevant service listings helps maintain a clean and accurate profile, enhancing user experience for potential clients.

Pre-conditions to use the Feature:

  • Users must have an AgencyHandy account.

  • Users must be logged into that account.

  • At least one service must exist in the Service section.

  • Users must be Super Admin/Admin to delete a service.

To delete a Service

Steps to Use:

  • Access Service Management: Log in to your AgencyHandy account.

  • Navigate to Services: Click on your account dashboard's "Services" section.

  • Locate Service to Delete: Identify the service listing you want to delete. Click the 3 dot button. A menu bar will open.

  • Initiate Deletion: Click the "Delete" button.

  • Confirmation Prompt: AgencyHandy will display a confirmation prompt to ensure you want to delete the service. Confirm the deletion if prompted.

  • Final Confirmation: Confirm that you want to delete the service listing. Note that, this action is irreversible.

  • Service Deletion: Once confirmed, the service listing will be permanently deleted from your profile.

Following these steps, users can easily delete service listings that are no longer relevant or needed in their AgencyHandy profile.

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