Setup Email Template Configuration

The Email Templates feature in AgencyHandy allows agencies to configure email templates for various communication scenarios, ensuring consistent and professional correspondence with clients. Agencies can customize templates for client sign-up, proposal submissions, task reviews, ticket creation, invoice sending, and more.


Configuring email templates offers several benefits:

  • Consistency: Email templates ensure consistent communication by standardizing the format and content of emails sent to clients.

  • Efficiency: Pre-defined templates save time by eliminating the need to compose emails from scratch for common scenarios.

  • Professionalism: Well-designed templates enhance the agency's professional image and brand consistency in client communications.

Pre-condition to Use the Feature:

  • Users should have access to relevant content, including subject lines, email bodies, and dynamic variables, to populate the email templates effectively.

Steps to Use:

  • Access Workspace Configuration: Log in to the AgencyHandy platform and navigate to the workspace settings.

  • Navigate to Email Templates: Locate and click on the "Email Templates" or similar option within the workspace configuration menu.

  • Select Email Template Category: Choose the type of email template you want to configure from the available categories (e.g., Client Sign-up, Proposal Submission, Task Review, Ticket Creation, Invoice Sending).

  • Customize Template Settings: - Specify the sender's email address from which the emails will be sent. - Utilize dynamic variables to include recipient-specific information in the email fields. - Write a descriptive subject line that clearly conveys the email's purpose. - Compose the email body with relevant and engaging content to effectively communicate messages. - Optionally, include social media links to encourage recipients to connect with the agency on various platforms.

  • Save Template Settings: Once the template settings are customized, save the configuration to apply the changes.

  • Test Template: Send a test email using the configured template to verify the formatting and content.

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