Subscription Configuration

This allows agencies to set up recurring service pricing plans, enabling automated billing and invoicing based on specified time intervals.


  • Active Services: Ensure the services are active within Agency Handy.

  • Payment Gateway Integration: Configure a payment gateway (e.g., Stripe) to handle recurring payments.

Steps to Use

Setting Up Recurring Payment Configuration in Services

  1. Access Service Settings

    • Log in to your Agency Handy account.

    • Navigate to the "Services" section from the sidebar.

  2. Select Service

    • Choose the service you want to configure for recurring payments or create a new service.

    • Click the 3-dot button to edit the existing service.

    • Go to the pricing section and set it to subscription.

  3. Configure Payment Options

    • Subscription Type: Select the "Subscription" option.

    • Billing Cycle: Choose the appropriate time duration for the billing cycle:

      • Day

      • Week

      • Month

      • Year

    • Pricing: Enter the amount and set the currency for the selected billing cycle.

  4. Save Settings

    • Click "Update" to apply the changes.

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