3.2 Clients

AgencyHandy's Client Portal Software offers comprehensive features for managing clients effectively. From adding and organizing client information to tracking recent orders, tickets, and invoices through client names, it enhances client relationship management and operational efficiency.

Here's a description of what you can do in the client feature in AgencyHandy:

  1. Add Clients: AgencyHandy allows users to quickly add new clients to the system. This involves inputting essential client information such as name, contact details, and relevant identifiers.

  2. Sort Clients: The software offers sorting capabilities, enabling users to arrange the list of clients in a preferred order. Clients can be sorted alphabetically by their names for quick reference.

  3. Filter Clients: Users can filter the client list based on company, email, or status criteria. This feature helps in quickly identifying specific groups of clients.

  4. Edit Clients: AgencyHandy permits users to edit client details as needed. Whether updating contact information or changing client profiles, this functionality ensures up-to-date records.

  5. Delete Clients: Clients can be deleted from the system when necessary. However, this action should be performed cautiously and in compliance with data retention policies.

  6. Track Recent Orders: The software tracks and displays each client's recent orders or transactions. This provides a historical record of client interactions and purchases.

  7. Track Recent Tickets: AgencyHandy records recent tickets or service requests submitted by clients. Users can easily access these tickets to provide timely support and assistance.

  8. Track Recent Invoices: The software also tracks recent invoices generated for clients. This allows users to monitor payment statuses and access invoice history.

  9. Search by Client's Name: A robust search function lets users quickly locate specific clients by entering their names. This search capability streamlines client management.

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