3.2.4 Client Configuration

The "Client Configuration" feature in Agency Handy enables users to create and manage categories for client information. By categorizing clients, you can easily sort, search, and filter them based on specific criteria. This feature helps organize client data efficiently and improve accessibility.


  • Enhanced Organization: Keep client information organized by categorizing them.

  • Efficient Searching: Quickly find clients by sorting and filtering based on categories.

  • Customizable Categories: Define categories with custom names, descriptions, and colours to suit your needs.

  • Improved Data Management: Simplify client data management by grouping similar clients together.

Pre-conditions to use the feature

  • User Permissions: Ensure you have the necessary permissions to create and manage client categories.

  • Client Data: Existing client information to categorize for better organization.

Steps to Use

  1. Log in to Your Account

    • Access your Agency Handy account using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Client Management Section

    • From the main menu, select “Clients” to view your client list.

  3. Access Client Configuration

    • Click the “Configuration” button in the Client Management section to access client configuration options.

  4. Create a New Category

    • Click the “Create Category” button to create a new client category.

  5. Enter Category Details

    • Category Name: Provide a unique name for the category (e.g., “High Priority Clients” or “Potential Leads”).

    • Short Description: Add a brief description to explain the purpose of the category.

    • Colour Customization: Choose a colour to distinguish this category from others visually.

  6. Save the Category

    • Review your entered details and click “Create” to create the category.

  7. Assign Clients to Categories

    • Return to the client list and choose the clients you wish to assign to a new category.

    • Click on the "Edit" option, which will bring up a form.

    • Select the Category option, where you will see all the newly created categories.

    • Choose the relevant category from the list of newly created categories and add it.

  8. Filter by Category

    • Use the category filter in the Client Management section to sort and search for clients based on the categories you’ve created.

    • Apply filters to swiftly find clients in particular categories.

Important Notes

  • Regular Updates: Please periodically review and update client categories to reflect changes in client status or importance.

  • Consistent Naming: Use clear and descriptive names for categories to ensure easy identification and consistency.

  • Colour Coding: Choose distinct colours for each category to separate them for quick visual recognition.

  • Client Assignment: Regularly assign new clients to appropriate categories to maintain organization.

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